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Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m an independent travel agent with The Magic’s Yours Travel.

I specialize in Disney vacations but I book all sorts of travel all over the world.

I book Disney, Universal, cruise, resort, all-inclusive, hotel, and guided travel.

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Why Use A Travel Agent?

  1. It’s totally free! You pay no extra fees vs. booking yourself. I work on commission from the travel destination.
  2. Save yourself time! Get personalized advice and itinerary planning services. From dining and activity booking to daily park touring plans.
  3. It’s easy! You just tell me what you are looking for, I find it, you approve it, I book it. Then I’m here to help you handle all the details.
  4. Save Money! I know when all the good discounts are and I automatically price check all my clients bookings.
  5. Have a personal advocate if something goes wrong.

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