A Complete Guide To Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

It’s one of the most popular and noteworthy lands in all of Disney World. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. A part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park this Star Wars themed land is a reason some people make the trip to Disney World in the first place. 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge puts you right into the middle of the Star Wars universe. When in the land you are in Black Spire Outpost a trading town on the planet of Batuu. Set in the time of the Star Wars sequels. Specifically between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. For the best experience I do suggest having watched at least The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The theming here is very detailed and runs deep and the cast members will even greet you in their own lingo, more on that later. 

While you are planning your visit you might want to dress the part at Galaxy’s Edge and that is absolutely encouraged. BUT there are some rules, like no Jedi robes, or costume masks. 

Check out the rules here:


Let’s get into everything there is to do in this out of this world land. 


You’ll find Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

The land is located between Toy Story Land and Grand Avenue

(You can also find and almost identical Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in California) 

** Note that the original Star Wars ride, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, and the store Tatooine Traders, in this park are not in Galaxy’s Edge but located in Echo Lake. If you are missing Luke and the gang head here. Also at this store you will find more “Star Wars” branded items and merchandise. In Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is created to look like it would be sold within the world of Star Wars. Also at Tatooine Traders you can build your own plastic toy lightsaber, at a much lower price point than the lightsaber experience within Galaxy’s Edge. Elsewhere in the park in Animation Courtyard you can find Star Wars Galactic Outpost which is a little museum with screen used props, models, and more Star Wars film making content. ** 


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance: 

  • Height Requirement 40”
  • Individual Lighting Lane purchase available 
  • Accessibility: Must transfer from wheelchair. Handheld Captioning & Audio Description. 

Considered the best ride at Disney World by many, including me, calling this a ride almost isn’t even fair. It’s more like a 20 minute Star Wars immersive theatre and ride experience where you transition through multiple ride vehicles. You board a Star Destroyer and help the Resistance defeat Kylo Ren and the first order. There are some moments that could be scary or startling for little ones. It’s an absolute must do for Star Wars fans and even if you aren’t a fan it’s still very enjoyable.

Lines for this can get LONG. I highly recommend one of the following plans. 

  • Purchase a Lighting Lane
  • Disney Resort Guests: Arrive 30 minutes or more prior to early park entry and rope drop. 
  • Enter the queue at the end of the night. The line may still be long but if you are in line prior to park closing the entire line will get get to ride. So you are spending time when the parks are closed in the long line instead of wasting park time. Play it safe a show up a half hour before closing. 

Be aware that this ride closes for technical difficulties often, which makes purchasing a Lightning Lane even more appealing. If it is down during your scheduled time you can come back later in the day, or get a refund. If it goes down for an extended time while you are in the standard line you are out of luck and wasted that wait time. 

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run:

  • Height Requirement 38”
  • Genie+ Available 
  • Accessibility: Must transfer from wheelchair. Handheld Captioning & Audio Description. 
  • Single Rider Line 

If you ever wanted to pilot the Millennium Falcon this is your chance. This is basically a giant arcade game and simulator that lets groups of 6 take the Falcon on a mission to retrieve some coaxium for you boss Hondo Ohnaka.

There are three jobs you get be assigned on the ride, pilot, gunner, and engineer, and there are two of each. These are assigned while in line by a cast member and will determine your seat on the ride. These jobs will determine what you need to do on the ride to help with the mission. The pilot is the most coveted position. If you are not an exact group of 6 you will be combined with another group. 

The line here is half the fun, you’ll see a life size Millennium Falcon, are then totally immersed into a docking bay and then board the Falcon herself. 

This ride is a lot of fun especially for video game fans. Beware if does get very shaky. 


Quick Service

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo  

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Food Style: American with a Star Wars flare
  • Mobile Order Available
  • Indoor Seating & Outdoor Seating 

You’ll find deep theming here of a cargo bay in the Star Wars universe this is the only real restaurant in Galaxies Edge. The menu is exciting with options that are different from what you will find around the rest of the park. The food is great for the price point and quick service style. My go to here is the plant based Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread. 


Milk Stand – Mobile Order Available – Find your Star Wars iconic blue milk and green milk here. Both milks are plant based and have different fruity flavors. The consistency is somewhere between milk and a smoothy, almost a slushy feel. You also have the option to add alcohol to either. 

Ronto Roasters – Mobile Order Available –  Home of the Ronto Wrap, a special sausage wrap with breakfast and lunch versions. There are even plant based alternatives. It’s the fan favorite food of the land. Ronto Roasters closes early and after that you can get a Ronto Wrap at Docking Bay 7 till closing. 

Kat Saka’s Kettle – Out of this world popcorn with two flavor options. Note your popcorn bucket discount won’t work here. 

Bar & Lounges

Oga’s Cantina:

* Reservations Required

The theming here is amazing and a must visit for Star Wars fans. Be ready to stand though as most of the tables are bar tops. The menu is speciality Star Wars themed cocktails with commemorative mugs optional. Be aware all the pricing is with the mugs but you can opt to get it without and they will still serve it to you in the mug you just won’t get to keep it.  Many non-alcoholic options available was well. There are a few snacks available here but don’t plan a meal here the few food options are underwhelming. The atmosphere is tons of fun with a droid DJ, DJ Rex, and so much to look at. There are some fantastic cast members here as well that are very into the theming. 


You’ll find character’s throughout the land. These are not your classic meet and greats. The characters are within the world and going about their business, like fixing their ships. But they will stop and chat with you and take a photo. 

Characters will even roam about the land and they might even in-list your help on a mission. 

You’ll see Chewbacca and Rey, often together by the land speeders or Millennium Falcon.

The Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren are frequently found with their ship by the Milk Stand. 

You might even see Vi a resistance fighter created especially for Galaxy’s Edge. 


There is a TON of shopping in Galaxy’s Edge and even if you aren’t looking to take anything home I suggests checking out the shops as the theming and details in many of them is beautiful. Especially in Dok-Ondar’s and the Market Merchants. 

Now the items that you will find in the land are designed to be things that you could buy within the Star Wars world. So you will find things like lightsaber handles, or plush porgs, but you won’t find a tee-shirt with “Star Wars” across the chest. Check out Tatooine Traders in Echo Lake or the shops on Hollywood Boulevard for that. 

Resistance Supply: For all your Light Side needs.

First Order Cargo: For all your Dark Side needs.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – Here you’ll find collectables including Lightsaber hilts. 

The Market Merchants: This is a series of open-air stalls with each focusing on a different type of item. 

  • Creature Stall – Plushes of Star Wars creatures to adopt
  • Toydarian Toymaker – Toys 
  • Black Spire Outfitters – Clothing and costume items
  • Jewels of Bith – Souvenir items


Build a Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop:

*Reservations Required – Each reservation is to build one lightsaber but two people my attend. One builder and one guest. At least one of the two guests must be over 14. 

*Recommend for aged 5+

This is a true experience not only do you get to design and hand build your very own high quality collectable lightsaber, but you will participate in a 20 minute group experience while building it. If you are a Star Wars fan you will probably get emotional. This is a pricey experience with costs starting around $200. If you build a saber make sure to come back to the land at night and take some photos with it! 

Build a Droid at Droid Depot:

*Reservations Required – Each reservation is to build one droid but two people my attend. One builder and one guest. At least one of the two guests must be over 14. 

*Recommend for aged 3+

At Droid Depot you will be assigned a building stall where a cast member will help you put together your very own droid. You’ll choose pieces off of a conveyer belt, decide what personality you want your droid to have, put them together and then active them. The experience is very build a bear with a droid. If you build a droid make sure to take them over to the testing area outside the store of a spin and to interact with other droid. 


  • Restrooms & Companion Restrooms – The Market Merchants
  • Restrooms & Companion Restrooms – Near the Milk Stand 

Bonus Fun

Photopass – Like the rest of Disney World there are Photopass photographers around the land to capture your memories. There are lots of fun Magic Shots they can take for you in Galaxy’s Edge. Keep an eye out for them in front of pretty much any spaceship you see. At the Millennium Falcon you might just find several photographers in that area each with a different angle so keep your eye’s peeled. Some even have a lightsaber for you to use as a prop. 

Star Wars Datapad – Within the Play Disney Parks App you’ll find the Star Wars Datapad. You can use the app to further interact with the land. It will ask you to scan certain items around the land, to complete puzzles, and participate in missions for the Resistance or First Order. 

Lingo – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has it’s own lingo and you’ll hear cast members greet you with terms you might be familiar with. Learn the lingo and how to respond property when greeted.

  • Bright Suns = Good Day 
    • Response = Bright Suns
  • Rising Moons = Good Evening 
    • Response = Rising Moons
    • Response If Leaving = Til the Spire
  • Ignite the Spark = Greeting for the Resistance
    • Response = Light The Fire
  • Good Journey = Informal Goodbye
  • Til the Spire – Farewell
  • May the Spires Keep You = A Formal Goodbye
  • On Planet = In The Land
  • Refresher = Bathroom
  • Hydrator = Water Fountain
  • Only The Ancients Know = I don’t know

As you can see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has a ton to do and lots to explore! I hope you found this helpful in planning you visit to Hollywood Studios. 

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