Be Our Guest Restaurant Review 

There are tons of dining options at Disney World and it can be hard to choose which ones you want to experience, or which ones will be a good fit for your travel party.

In this post I am discussing Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom. If you are interested in other restaurant options in Magic Kingdom check out my blog post all about dining in the Magic Kingdom.

Everything You Need To Know Before Dining at Magic Kingdom


Be Our Guest Restaurant is a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant located in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. 

Be Our Guest serves lunch and dinner both with a pre-fix menu and set overall price of $62 for adults and $37 for children aged 3-9. More on the food below. 

Reservations are required to dine here and they go quickly. This is one of the most popular dining locations in all of Disney World. Dining reservations can be made starting 60 days in advance at 6:00am EST via the Disney World website or app. You must have valid park tickets and park reservations to make a dining reservation. If you are staying at a Disney World hotel you can make your reservations for your entire trip 60 days prior to your arrival date. 

Located in the back of Fantasyland amid the Beauty and the Beast section between Enchanted Tales with Belle, and Gaston’s Tavern the exterior the restaurant is truly grand. After checking in at the bridge entrance with the spires of Beast castle in the distance you walk down a stone bridge that leads you to the restaurant’s entrance. This set-up really puts you into the world of Beauty and the Beast. When you enter the restaurant you have entered Beast castle. Don’t miss the stained glass window photo opportunity right by the entrance. The details in the lobby are beautiful, with plenty to see as you wait for your name to be called. 

The interior of the restaurant has three sections. You will be assigned a seat and are unable to choose which of the three you want to dine in. However, you are welcome to explore all three areas during your visit. 

The largest section is the Grand Ballroom a perfect recreation of the ballroom Belle and Beast dance through in the movie. Complete with windows at the back where you can see it “snowing” outside. The vaulted ceilings complete with the mural from the film really bring a grand feeling to the room. This is my favorite room and certainly the most stunning. Everyone will enter from the lobby into this room to get to your table no matter where you are seated. 

To one side of the Grand Ballroom is the West Wing, if you recall from the movie this is the forbidden section of the castle and the Beast’s hiding place. Here you will find a very dark atmosphere. (Seriously you might need the flashlight on your phone to see the menu) The moody room is a lot of fun and of course this is where you will find the Enchanted Rose which you can watch lose petals as you dine. You’ll even see a thunderstorm out the windows complete with lightning. 

To the other side of the Grand Ballroom is the Castle Gallery where the walls are lined with paintings of all the castle inhabitants. In the middle of the room is a large spinning statue of Belle and Beast dancing, it reminds me of a music box. The paintings here are a lot of fun so make sure to really look around at them. To be honest this room is a bit less exiting then the other two and I am not sure why they didn’t make this room the Library. We were seated here for our most recent visit, that this review is based on, and I was a bit disappointed at first but the room grew on me and I got to get up and explore the others as well. 

An extra surprise for everyone visiting Be Our Guest Restaurant is a chance to meet the Beast. This is the only location where you can meet the Beast at Disney World. In normal times you would meet and greet the beast when you arrive and get a photo with him with a PhotoPass photographer. Currently with COVID protocols Beast walks around the restaurant every half hour or so and waves to the tables to welcome you to his home, everyone must stay seated. It is luck of the draw here to be able to get close to him. He does not walk past every table but every table will at least be able to see him. So you can grab a photo and maybe a selfie depending on your placement. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very loud and excited. The location itself is exciting to be in and you can feel the hustle and bustle of the excitement. The high ceilings here create a very loud atmosphere. Coupled with the fact that this restaurant attracts many young families who love Beauty and the Beast. This is seen as an alternative to dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table for some so you certainly have the little Princess crowd here. 


The menu has French and American offerings. The menu and pricing is the same for lunch and dinner. The menu here is pre-fix with a set pricing of $62 for adults and $37 for children aged 3-9. This does not include tax, tip, or any additional beverages. 

There is alcohol served here which is not the case in most of Magic Kingdom. There is a large menu of beer, cider, wine, and champagne. There are also specialty non-alcoholic drinks. 

For adults you choose one appetizer, one entree, and get a dessert trio. There are five appetizer and entree options. The dessert trio includes a dark chocolate truffle, a macaron, and a while chocolate Chip cup filled with the Grey Stuff. 

For children they choose an appetizer, entree with two sides that you can pick, and between the dessert trio or a fruit cup. 

There is a plant based option included in each category. There is also an allergy menu which will tell you which options are safe for which allergies. As always at Disney if you have an allergy or special dietary need just let your server know and they will work with you and the chef to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our Dining Experience

Onto the food review from my most recent visit with my husband. 

I have a dairy allergy and when making a Disney dining reservation you can note your allergies or dietary needs. They will typically confirm them with you as you are seated and again with your server.  Right off the bat our server brought us rolls and butter, one typical set for my husband and an allergy safe set for me. It’s great when we start off with the server already working with the allergies.  We both thought our rolls were good, they were very standard white rolls. 

For appetizers we both got the mixed field green salad. It was a fine salad nothing too exciting. It was nice to have a light option made of vegetables and fruit with a several part meal in front of you. It was a smaller portion size. 

For the entree I had the plant-based Vadouvan Spiced Vegetables. This was something different that I have never had anywhere before and I wasn’t too sure what you expect. I was very happily surprised with the delicious dish. There were a ton of veggies and the corn cake was nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauce was good, not too strong, which personally I enjoyed. I would get this again and the portion size was good.

My husband got the Poulet Rouge Chicken as his entree. This comes with savory bread pudding and vegetables. His portion size was a bit smaller than mine. He really enjoyed the chicken and the vegetables were good. The bread pudding he though was fine but the server had mentioned it was a crowd favorite and he didn’t feel it warranted that. He enjoyed the meal but would probably do something different if he returned. 

For dessert my husband got the dessert trio. He enjoyed them all and thought the Grey Stuff, basically a Oreo and cream whip, was great.  He thought the stand out was the chocolate truffle and he is not really a chocolate person so that really says something. 

While the menu indicated there was a plant based lemon cake I could have eaten they didn’t have it that night which was a little disappointing. But I was offered raspberry sorbet. The sorbet was good. 

Overall we enjoyed our meal. But did feel that at this price point you are paying for the experience of where you are dining and not the food. Which isn’t a problem but you need to be aware of it when making a reservation here. The one issue we had was it was very loud and hectic. It really has the feel of a hectic character meal without actually being one.

I am happy to have experienced dinner here even having been inside the restaurant before. We previously had lunch here in 2013 but the menu and pricing situation was much different at that time. This will not be on our regular park dining rotation but I would dine here again if traveling with someone who had not dined here before. 

Before the 2020 closures Be Our Guest also offered a breakfast option that was a significantly lower cost. If that returns I think that is a great option if what you really want to do is just experience dinging here. That’s what I would do if given the option in the future. 

Who Do I Recommend This For

I would recommend this restaurant for families with children, especially Princess loving children. If your child loves Beauty and the Beast more than Cinderella I would consider this over Cinderella’s Royal Table. I would also consider this over Cinderella’s if your children would have issues with actually meeting characters, as Cinderella’s is a character meal and this is not. 

Adult Beauty and the Beast fans I think you need to do this at least once. For adults I think it is best enjoyed with an adult group vs. a couple and going in knowing what to expect atmosphere wise in advance. It is loud and it is hectic. 

Couples if you love Beauty and the Beast and just have to dine here to see it, go for it you will have a good meal and love the location itself. But if you are looking for a nice date night meal or special occasion I wouldn’t plan for Be Our Guest to be that meal.

I would not recommend this location for anyone who has sensitivity to a lot of noise or it being loud. 

I also wouldn’t recommend this to someone looking for fine dining, which the pricing could lead you to believe this is. If you are at Magic Kingdom and want fine dining check out the dinging at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary Resorts. Both of which you can walk to or take the Monorail. Consider pairing these with cocktails at the Enchanted Rose Lounge at the Grand Floridian which takes its theming from the live action Beauty and the Beast if you still want that Beauty and the Beast touch. If you don’t want to leave the park try Jungle Skipper Canteen which has a lot of unique options 

Overall Be Our Guest Restaurant is truly a unique dining experience, and a nice meal, and if you love Beauty and the Beast I would recommend this to you if you can fit it into your budget. Just go in with the right expectations. The food is good but it is not amazing, it will be loud and hectic. But you will be dining in a beautiful and deeply themed location.

I hope that helps you decide if Be Our Guest is the right addition to you Magic Kingdom day. 

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