EPCOT Festival Scavenger Hunt Guide

Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park has a seasonal rotation of four festivals. These festivals feature special food and drink kiosks, musical entertainment, themed activities, decorations, shopping, and more. 

The festivals are:

Winter – EPCOT Festival of the Arts

Spring – EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival

Summer / Fall –  EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival

Holidays – EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays 

One activity that each festival always offers is a scavenger hunt. Each festival each year offers a different scavenger hunt so you can play a new one each time you visit. 

I recently visited Disney World in October 2021 during the Food and Wine Festival and participated in the current scavenger hunt offering, Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak. My guide and review will be based on this particular scavenger hunt but the basics are the same for all of the scavenger hunts. 

Getting Your Board

You have to purchase your scavenger hunt board. The board is a thick paper and a set of stickers. This one cost me $9.99 + tax. You can purchase the board at a few different locations. Now the specific locations are subject to change but your best bet is Disney Traders located right as you enter World Showcase if coming from the parks main entrance, near the showcase lagoon boat dock. I purchased mine at Pin Traders – Camera Center just after you enter underneath Spaceship Earth (the ball) on the right hand side. Ask at the check out counter for the scavenger hunt maps, they will likely have them on display, 

Once you have your board you are ready to play! 

How To Play

You have your board and you are ready to go. The goal of this scavenger hunt is to find the hidden Remys who are all gathering ingredients for his ratatouille recipe. The characters and styles will change with each scavenger hunt as will the hiding locations. With this hunt we were looking for statues of Remy with food. Another example, from a previous year’s Festival of the Arts, you had to locat paintings with Figment in them. 

The board will be your map. There are clear spaces where the stickers go. These spaces indicate where you need to look for a hidden Remy. The locations are mostly around World Showcase. 

While hunting we noticed that the Remys were frequently near a food booth, and they were always outside. But that could change based on what scavenger hunt you are doing. Make sure to look both up high and down low. Some of the Remys were easy to find some were hard there was definitely enough of a range that adults and kids can play. 

Once you find a Remy you place the matching sticker onto the space on the board. So when we found the Remy with a carrot we used that sticker for the corresponding space. 

Continue around EPCOT until you find all of the Remys. There is no time limit if you will be visiting ECPOT several times during your vacation you can bring the map with you each time and work on it throughout your visit. 

If you are looking to cut down your steps I don’t think I would recommend the scavenger hunt we certainly did some extra walking trying to track all the Remys down. 

If you get stuck try asking a cast member based in that area if they have seen Remy.  Or the internet is full of the locations of the characters for each scavenger hunt, so unless the festival just started you are likely to be able to google an answer if you just can’t find one. 

We purchased the map around 11:20am and redeemed our prize around 4:15pm we worked on the map as we toured World Showcase stopping for attractions and food. Whenever we were talking we would be looking for Remys so if really was hours of entertainment value. 

Once you find all the Remys and complete your map it is time to redeem your prize!

Collecting Your Reward 

The map will indicate where you can go to redeem your prize, at a selection of stores. 

Ask at the front counter about redeeming your scavenger hunt prize. They will stamp your map to indicate that you have received your prize and they will return the map to you to keep. 

Incase you were wondering no one is going to check that you actually went around and completed the scavenger hunt or if you just put the stickers on it. It’s an honors system and also the point here is really the fun of looking for the hidden characters so why cheat yourself. But if you just didn’t have time to find those last few it’s ok you can still get your prize. 

So what is the prize?

It changes for each scavenger hunt but is typically a choice between three or four styles of a cup, plate, bowl or something similar. 

For Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak the prize was a small bowl. There were four pattens to choose from, a Remy one (which there were out of), and Beauty and the Beast one, a Figment one, and a Minnie Mouse one. Each of the four options matched one of the lines of merchandise for the festival. 

I choose the Beauty and the Beast one and I really like the design it was very cute and perfect for a princess fan. It also saved me from buying something else in that merchandise line to get something with that design on it. 

Once you have your prize you are all done and you get to take home your prize and your map as keepsakes. 

Who Should Play?

I think this can be fun for pretty much anyone. 

It’s something for groups with kids to do when the kids might not be that interested in the countries and food of World Showcase. It gives them something to keep their minds on. 

Great for couples or an adult group. 

If this is your first visit to EPCOT this might add a layer of too much going on for you there is so much to see and take in already plus whichever festival is going on. This could feel like one added thing to think about that you don’t need. 

Anyone who likes games I think this will be a big hit. 

If you are going to be doing multiple days at EPCOT and focusing on the festival offerings I think this is a fun addition to add to your festival experience. 

As an adult just traveling with my husband I thought it was a lot of fun. I will do another festival scavenger hunt but probably not every time I visit. 

I don’t think this is a must do but I do think it is a great add on option. I got a lot of fun and time spent out of $10, plus I got a souvenir to take home with me.

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