Guide to Physical and Other Accommodations Available at Disney Parks

We all want to be able to take a fun vacation with our loved ones. For many that means a Disney Parks vacation. For all visitors a Disney Parks vacation means a lot of time standing, walking, and waiting in lines. That presents a special challenge to those with a range of mobility concerns, or those with emotional concerns such as autism, and others who need special accomodations. In this blog I am going to present an overview of services and support that the Disney Parks provide to serve these guests. Disney prides itself on being inclusive to all guests no matter their abilities so they do go the extra mile to provide assistance. 

Hotel Rooms 

All Disney resorts include booking options for rooms that are wheelchair accessible, the largest change here is in the restrooms. As well as rooms that are hearing accessible, with additional TTY equipment available by request at check in.

If you are in need of medical equipment for your room such as a hospital bed for your room you can arrange rental through AdventHealth World of Wellness the official healthcare provider of Disney World. Find them at the link below.

If lots of noise or loud-ness is a concern for a guest you can request being placed on a higher floor, and avoid pool view rooms when booking. I would suggest working with a travel agent (like me) to determine the best room location for you at each resort. 


Let’s start with getting to the parks. If you will be arriving at a Disney resort or park by car and need handicap parking, and have a handicap parking tag there is ample handicap parking in all parking lots. Just tell the parking attendant when you pay that you’ll need handicap parking, they will direct you and there are blue lines painted on the road to follow. There are complimentary wheelchairs located in designated areas (sort of like shopping cart return areas) to use from the handicap parking lot to the in park wheelchair rental. You have to return them at wheelchair rental and cannot use them throughout the parks.

At Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT the handicap parking location will remove the need for you to ride a parking lot tram. It will be a short walk to the park gates and wheelchair rental will be at the front of the park.

At Magic Kingdom you will still have to take either the monorail or ferryboat from the parking area to the park gates, both are handicap accessible and can accommodate wheelchairs and Electric Scooters (ECVs). If you are worried about having space I would suggest the ferryboat over the monorail if you want somewhere to sit the monorail is superior. Sometimes there are also buses running from the parking lot to Magic Kingdom. The complimentary chairs are most valuable here as there is a bit of a journey from the parking lot to the gates. If you are taking the Disney buses to the Magic Kingdom you are dropped off right in front of the gates.

If you are rope dropping, arriving before opening, at the Disney World parks I highly suggest considering the complimentary chairs if needed as you may find yourselves standing and waiting for a long time to get into the parks where you would be able to rent a chair.

At Disneyland and California Adventure the distance from the parking structure to the theme parks is significant a parking tram is available but larger wheelchairs and ECVs will not fit. However you can utilize the wheelchair or ECV on the pathway to the parks. 

If you are staying at a Disney Resort and utilizing Disney transportation to the parks all of these are able to accommodate wheelchairs and ECVs. All Disney busses have a chair lift to assist with boarding if needed. One thing to keep in mind is that only so many ECVs or wheelchairs can fit on each bus so if you are arriving or departing at a busy time you may not get on the first bus if a few ECVs or chairs are ahead of you. The Skyliner has handicap accessible units. The monorail, and ferryboats are handicap accessible as well.  Simply alert a transportation cast member is you are in need of handicap access.

ECV Scooter Rental and Wheelchair Rental

You are welcome to bring with you any wheelchair or ECV scooter that you may have traveled with but have several rental options as well. 

Wheelchair rental and ECV rental from Disney is available near the entrance to each theme park. These can be rented for the day or you can get a length of stay rental at a slight daily discount. This would mean you pick up a new wheelchair or ECV daily at the parks. The is very convenient as there is no prep work to do ahead of time. You also don’t have to worry about charging an ECV. When renting you do have to sign a waiver and provide a credit card incase you damage or don’t return the chair or ECV. If you get a length of stay rental you only have to fill this out once and on your subsequent days you just head right to picking up a chair. The rented chairs do have a sign on the back with your name on it to prevent any accidental confusion.

You can also rent chairs and ECV’s at Disney Springs.

If you are using a chair or ECV in the parks but don’t need to utilize them the entire time you can park them in stroller parking areas. Just like a stroller make sure to cover your wheelchair or ECV is there is rain in the forecast. Keep in mind your chair might be slightly moved by a cast member when you return.

While this is a great service there are several things to keep in mind.

  • You can not take these vehicles out of the theme park. Meaning if you are staying at a Disney Resort you can not take these back to your room or even to the theme park parking lot. 
  • These are rented on a first come first serve basis and can sell out. If you are arriving to the parks in the morning you should be fine but if you are arriving mid-day or later you run the risk of the vehicles being sold out. 
  • Typically these ECVs are not as “fancy” as some of the rental ones and are a bit physically larger.

If any of these are a deal breaker don’t fear this is a simple fix. Orlando and Anaheim are home to many private companies who rent ECVs and wheelchairs. A google search will show you many options for this service. Typically they will drop the chair off, and then allow you to return it, at your Disney resort, some off-property resorts, or another convent location like Disney Springs and some will teach you how to use it at pick up. These companies offer ECV’s that are “fancier” and offer compfort add ones such as a sunshade or cup holder, or medical add on’s like a cane holder or oxygen tank storage. Some companies additionally rent strollers so if you are in the market for a stroller rental as well you can do this all with one transaction.

With a private rental you can take the vehicle with you all over the Disney Parks, resorts, and Orlando, for the length of your vacation. You can charge them in your hotel room. If you are in need of a rental this is the way to go in my opinion. 

Top Tips For Wheelchair Rental : My Mom who doesn’t use a wheelchair at home but has some health issues that make a Disney day worth of walking a challenge used a Disney wheelchair rental on a recent trip to Disney World. In her case we were able to park the chair at stroller parking at times and not use it. Here are our top tips after that experience.

  • Use the multi-day rental this made pick-up a breeze after the first day.
  • Sit in the chair each day and test it out a bit before taking one. The comfort level of each chair varied.
  • Bring something to act as a cushion to sit on for added comfort.
  • The quality of the chairs themselves was better than I expected and pushing them was physically easy.
  • Use them in lines whenever you can. This was a learning curve for us and we should have parked the chair less and just kept using it in the lines. The cast members at attraction boarding will ask if you can transfer from the chair to the ride on your own. (Which my Mom can, if you can’t see the DAS section of this post) You just park the chair, and hop on the attraction. The cast members will move the chair for you to wherever the ride unloads.
  • Use one at Disney Springs if you are using one at the parks. We underestimated the walking here and didn’t, which was a mistake.
  • If rope dropping and arriving early grab one of the complimentary chairs from the handicap parking area. You may be held in an area before you get to the chair rental.
  • Some areas have very bumpy terrain, specifically Galaxies Edge and Toy Story Land. It creates a lot of shock waves through the chair. this really irritated my Mom’s neck/shoulders if you are sensitive to this, these are good places to park and walk for a bit if possible.

Restrooms & In Park First Aid 

Each restroom in the park includes facilities for those with mobility concerns. For additional space there are also several companion restroom areas throughout each park. These are notated on the park maps separately from general restrooms. 

In each theme park there is a first aid location near the entrance. In additional to basic first aid materials these facilities have additional space and privacy for individuals who may need assistance from a member of their party with their personal care needs. These locations also provide free ice if you have medications that need to stay cold. Bring your own cooler to fill with the ice and be aware that while you can bring cold packs or bagged ice in your cooler into the parks you can’t bring lose ice. So bring some baggies to fill at the hotel ice machine.  

Health Emergencies, Prescriptions Delivery, Medial Equipment Rental

AdventHealth World of Wellness the official healthcare provider of Disney World.

If you are in need of a doctors appointment while at Disney World you can set up a virtual appointment with them. You can also have prescriptions delivered to your Disney resort. There are additionally several pharmacies located near Disney World and easily accessed by cab or ride share if you don’t have a vehicle. Over the counter medications can be found at Disney first aid centers and Disney Resort gift shops for purchase. Additionally grocery delivery services and Amazon Prime Now offer some personal care items and will delivery to your Disney resort.

Additionally you can rent medical equipment to your resort. Excluding wheelchairs and ECVs as discussed above.

If you are in need of an urgent care facility you can arrange for transportation from any Disney resort or park to the AdventistHealth urgent care at Flamingo Crossing which is on Disney property. Call 407-938-0605 to arrange transportation.

For all the details about all of these services visit:

Disability Access Service – Rides / Attractions

As of November 2021 some updates have been made to the DAS program.

The Disability Access Service (DAS) is Disney’s service that accommodates those who would find it challenging physically, cognitively, or emotionally to wait in a traditional line.

To access the service guests can pre-register for DAS Advance virtually with a Cast Member, using live video chat. Guests can pre-register as soon as 30 days in advance of a park visit, but no less than 2 days before arrival. During the registration chat, guests will be able to work with a Cast Member to book up to 2 one-hour return windows for select experiences using the DAS Advance planning option. Once registered DAS is valid for 60 days.

Guests who do not pre-register for DAS can register in person with a Cast Member at Guest Relations on the day of their visit.

Once at the park guests with DAS can use the My Disney Experience App to request additional return times for rides. This does not provide immediate access to experiences, but rather allows Guests to request a return time for a specific experience that is comparable to the current standby wait. Guests can also obtain return times directly from a Cast Member at any Guest Relations or Guest Experience Team location.

The guest requesting access to DAS must be present on the virtual call. They also must be present when redeeming a return time. The guest needing DAS may bering their entire party (within reason) to ride with them using their return time or pre-scheduled time.

Note that when you return to ride your entire party may ride with you. Some attractions can accommodate wheelchairs and ECVs. Theatre style attractions include handicap seating areas that can accommodate wheelchairs and ECVs. But at many rides transferring from the chair into the ride vehicle is necessary, either under the person’s own power or with the assistance of a member of their own party. If transferring from a wheelchair or ECV is of concern take note on the parks website ahead of time which rides require this, it is noted on the ride page for each attraction. 

As far a who qualifies for the use of DAS this is a good faith system. No documentation or proof is needed to prove that someone qualifies.

If you don’t need the DAS system you are still able to stay in a wheel chair or ECV in many lines.

All shows have wheelchair / EVC seating. In most cases you can choose to sit in the very front or vary back of the seating areas. There are standard seats around these seats so your whole party can still sit together.

Those traveling with children with special needs (or any child at all for that matter) can also take advantage of the Ridder Switch system at select attractions. Ask a cast member at the attraction to see if ridder swap is available at that attraction during your visit. 

Here’s how it works:

 “With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!”

Hearing Accommodations

There are several accommodations available in the parks for those with hearing imparments.  All of these can be obtained by visiting guest relations at each park.

One option is assistive listening which amplifies sound through headphones at specific theme park attractions. Recommended for guests with mild to moderate hearing loss. There is a refundable $25 deposit for the device and it is recommended that you bring your own headphones. 

Handheld captioning is also available this is a portable captioning system which displays on-screen text in locations at select theaters and attractions. There is a refundable $25 deposit for the unit. Reflective captioning is offered as an alternative at some theatre style attractions  Video captioning is available with open captioning in many pre-show and exhibit areas, these are marked by a “CC” on the maps and you can also check the website ahead of time. Video captioning can also be activated using the assistive listening devices.

Sign language interpretation at live shows is provided on select days and you can obtain the specific show schedule for your visit by contacting

You can also request special scheduled sign language interpretation at select shows and tours, Hoop-Dee-Doo Review, Spriti of Aloha, and the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. Contact (407) 824-4321 at least 14 days in advance of the show to request. 

Sign language interpretation is typically offered at these parks on these days of the week. 

When meeting characters it is possible that you may encounter one that signs, some are able to interact with some simple sign language but this is luck of the draw unfortunately. If you are with a deaf child it is worth telling the character and or their handler, or making it clear to them that the child is deaf as it may prompt them to sign to the child. It is also worth asking at guest relation if they know of any characters at the park today who sign. 

Keep your eye on the cast member’s name tags as well as the tag will indicate if they speak another language besides English including American Sign Language. 

See the hotel section to see what accommodations are available for hotel rooms.

Vision Accommodations

The Disney Parks offer a wide range of assistive services for those who have visually impairments. These include braille guidebooks, and hand-outs of tactile park maps, as well as signage maps throughout the park that include braille. Some table service restaurants also offer Braille menus. 

Audio description is also available via handheld device which will describe many of the parks attractions as you experience them. There is a refundable $25 deposit and it is recommended that you bring your own headphones. 

All of these can be obtained by visiting guest relations at each park. 

Service Animals

Disney classifies a service animal as a “dog or miniature horse that is trained to do work or perform tasks for, and to assist, an individual with a disability”. The animal must be under the control of the owner at all times and remain leashed. They are welcome in most locations throughout the theme parks and resorts.

There are service animal relief stations located through the parks and resorts, their locations are notated on the maps. 

Service animals are not allowed on most rides and attractions. You can utilize Rider Switch between members of your party. In this process part of your party would ride the attraction while the other part has the service animal. Then you would switch places but the second part of the party would not have to wait in the full length of the line. Ask an attraction cast member for help with the rider switch process. 

Light & Sound Sensitivity

If you have a photosensitivity or seizer disorder Disney advises that you get very specific instructions from your doctor before visiting. Lighting including strobe, flash, and other effects are throughout the park in shows, night-time spectaculars, and rides. On the parks website you can see the warning labels on each attraction’s page that will indicate if strobe and flashing lights are precent on each ride. 

If you have a child with either light or sound sensitivity for emotional reasons you will want to research attractions and shows before you visit to avoid anything that might be triggering. YouTube is a great resource to see ride through videos or videos of shows. Noise canceling or large headphones are also a great option during fireworks for and sound sensitive guests. 


I hope this has been helpful and I hope that this has made everyone feel that they can have a safe, comfortable and fun visit to Disney theme parks. 

For more details, rental pricing, and printable “guides for guests with disabilities” for each theme park head to”

Disney World:


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