A Complete Guide To Pandora: The World of Avatar

Disney World and Animal Kingdom are filled with so much detail and so many things to see or do around every corner. For that reason I am breaking down the fun land by land. Here I take a look at Pandora: The World of Avatar inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

Pandora: The World of Avatar is a land themed to the hit movie Avatar. Here you find Pandora decades after the events of the film. The land consists of the Valley of Mo’ara where you will find unfamiliar plants and hear unfamiliar creatures. You will even find remnants of the military mining company from the movie who have left Pandora long ago. The storyline goes that the new Alpha Centauri Expeditions of ACE for short has started eco-tourism to Pandora with the help fo the native Na’vi people. ACE brings humans just like you to visit the beauty of Pandora. 

While Avatar the film was a big success it is not exactly a top favorite film for most visitors. While I enjoyed the film just fine and the technology it used was amazing I don’t have a big attachment to the story or characters. I worried that would mean I would not love Pandora the land in Animal Kingdom. Well I was wrong you do not need to care about or honestly to have seen the film Avatar to be taken aback by the beauty and thumbing of Pandora: The World of Avatar, or to enjoy the attractions within. 

Though I do recommend watching the movie before you visit no matter your relationship with the film Avatar make sure you stop by Pandora during your Animal Kingdom visit. 


Pandora is located in Animal Kingdom. As you enter the park you want to veer left as you approach the Tree of Life and follow the signs to Pandora. 

If you are approaching from the other side you will be coming from Africa and need to turn right past Tiffins and into Pandora. 

You will cross a bridge over a river as you enter Pandora and truly enter another world. 

There is also a secondary entrance and exit that will take you from near Satu’li Canteen to the Festival of the Lion King building in Africa. For your first entrance into Pandora I recomend using the main entrance to get the full effect of the theming. 

Animal Kingdom is a large park and it may take longer to get from one land to the next then you think. If you are trying to be on time for a reservation, or FastPass make sure you allow ample time to get where you need to be. 


Avatar: Flight of Passage

  • 44” or Taller 
  • Individual Lighting Lane Available 
  • Accessibility: Must transfer from wheelchair to ride vehicle. Audio description, video captioning, assistive listening. 

Bond with a banshee (a large winged animal) and then fly over Pandora on this virtual 3D experience. The ride vehicle is best described as a sort of motorcycle. The safety restraint presses against your back and as you straddle the motorcycle your legs also have to lock in to the foot holds. It’s not the most comfortable though you get used to it after a minute. If you have concerns try the test seat out front. As you watch the large screen in front of you the floor of the room pivots as does your motorcycle but this is a simulator so there is not a ton of actual motion happening. The sense of motion they create with relatively little movement is amazing. You can even feel the banshee breathing under you as you ride it. This is one of the most popular attractions in Animal Kingdom and all of Disney World the lines can get rather long. I recommend arriving before park opening and rope dropping this attraction or purchasing a Lightning Lane.

Na’vi River Journey

  • Any Height
  • Lightning Lane included with Genie+  
  • Accessibility: Must transfer from wheelchair. Audio Description. Handheld Captioning. 

This is a classic dark ride where you float along in a slow moving boat through a night in Pandora. Full of bioluminescent plants and the show stopped the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. The sights on this ride are beautiful and the technology of the shaman is amazing but this is not an attraction that anyone if likely to add to their favorites list. This ride is a great option for those who are too short, or don’t want to ride Flight of Passage to still get the taste of Pandora. The line here can get long and I wouldn’t recommend devoting too much time to waiting in line without a FASTPASS. 


This land is so immersive and their are interactive elements throughout the land and lots of great little details to see. So many amazing photo spots as well. Make sure to take some time just to walk around the land and see all the plants. 

Pandora At Night

This is one land that must be seen in day light and at night. As the sun sets all of the plants start to glow with bioluminescence. It is beautiful and so unique it is a must do. 


For more details about dining at Animal Kingdom check out my blog post all about it. 

Everything You Need To Know Before Dining at Animal Kingdom

Satu’li Canteen

  • Quick Service
  • Located in Pandora: The World of Avatar 
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Food Style: American 
  • Mobile Order Available 
  • Indoor Seating 
  • Satu’li lets you build your own bowl from a set of options, similar to how Chipotle works. You choose your protien, base, and sauce.  The food is perhaps the most unique in Animal Kingdom. There are fun options for the kids too, like cheeseburger boa buns. You can also get two drinks specially brewed for Disney World the Hawkes’ Grog Ale and the Mo’ara High Country Ale.


Pongu Pongu – Check out the Pongu Lumpia sweet spring rolls and specialty brewed beers the Hawkes’ Grog Ale & Mo’ara High Country Ale. The official drink of Pandora the Night Blossom is found here. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic available


Swotu Waya – Drummers put on a Pandoran concert throughout the day. When they are not there you can explore the instruments. 

Pandora Ranger – Keep an eye our near Pongu Pongu for thee Pandora Rangers in their large mechanical suits. 

** If you want to see some Na’ vi you will have to go on one of the attractions.** 


Windtraders – This is a large store with everything Avatar you could ever want to buy. The signature item here is the plush shoulder banshee that you can adopt complete with an adoption ceremony. 

Colors of Mo’ ara – Get your face painted to look like a Na’ vi. 

Pressed Pennies Locations

  • Windtrader


  • Restrooms – Satu’li Canteen
  • Restrooms – Navi’ River Journey
  • Restrooms & Companion Restrooms – Entrance, Near Colors of Mo’ ara
  • Service Animal Relief Area – Near Satu’li Canteen along the back entrance to Pandora. 

Pandora is such a unique and beautiful land with one of the most popular attractions in Disney World. I highly recommend a visit during your next trip. 

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