A Complete Guide To Animal Kingdom’s Africa

Disney World and the Animal Kingdom are filled with so much detail and so many things to see or do around every corner. For that reason I am breaking down the fun land by land. Here I take a look at the land of Africa inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

The land of Africa represents the animals, people and places of the continent of Africa. Animal Kingdom as the newest park is one of the most detailed at Walt Disney World.  The land of Africa is exceptionally detailed and even feels lived in by an actual community. There is a lot to enjoy in this land for park goers of all ages. 


Africa is located in Animal Kingdom. As you enter the park you want to veer left as you approach the Tree of Life then journey beyond the entrance to Pandora. Here you will enter Africa. 

If you are approaching from the other side throughout the day you would come through Asia as you pass UP! A Great Bird Adventure. 

Animal Kingdom is a large park and it may take longer to get from one land to the next then you think. If you are trying to be on time for a reservation, or FastPass make sure you allow ample time to get where you need to be. 


Kilimanjaro Safaris:

  • Any Height (Though this can be a rather of a bumpy ride as the roads are not paved) 
  • Lightning Lane Included With Genie+ 
  • Accessibility: Must transfer from wheelchair. Video Captioning. Assistive Listening. 

Take a safari through the savannah of Africa. Board a Jeep driven by safari guides who will narrate your visit to the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. The 110 acre space is home to 34 species of African animals including, lions, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, zebra and more. This 18 – 20 minute on average adventure will bring you into the animals spaces and you might even up with a very up close view of some of the animals who come across your path. The best time to ride if you want to see the animals moving is early in the morning or later in the afternoon as the sun sets. This is a fantastic attraction for photography fans. For a whole different view you can ride at night and see the animals in a whole new light. This is when animals like the wild dogs and hyenas really shine. Strategic lighting to evoke the sunset and moonrise will allow you to see the animals even after dark. 

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail:

  • Walk through zoo exhibit
  • Any Height
  • Accessibility: May remain in wheelchair. Audio Description. 

This walk through zoo trail can be easy to bypass but make sure you don’t miss it. It’s one attraction where you will not have to wait in line. You will find different animals here than on the Kilimanjaro Safaris including hippos, gorillas, and birds. Plus along the way meet Keepers who are happy to answer any questions you may have about the animals. 

Festival of the Lion King:

  • Show 
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair, sign language, handheld captioning, assistive listening. 

This 30 minute live stage show is a spectacular musical tribute to the Lion King. Featuring characters from the movie but also dancers, acrobats, and singers performing in a production full of bright colors and wonder. This is a fun show for the whole family and anyone who enjoys live theatre will get a kick out of it. A warning though don’t confuse this show with the theatrical version of The Lion King from Disney on Broadway they are very different. The show is performed several times daily so make sure to check the app or times schedule for the day you will be there. A great option for the hottest times of the day to avoid the sun and take a break off your feet. 

Rafiki’s Planet Watch 

This section of the park is connected by train to Africa and is part of the parks greater veterinarian facilities. This is an easily missed area of the park but holds some very different kings of opportunities. 

Wildlife Express Train 

  • All Heights
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair, handheld captioning, assistive listening. 

Take this rustic train on a seven minute journey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch area of the park. On the way see some of the back stage animal care area. 

Habitat Habit!

  • All Heights
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair

A small kiosk with some animal encounter opputunites on the pathway between the train and Conservation Station. 

Conservation Station 

  • All Heights
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair

Get a peak into the world of the veterinarian team at Animal Kingdom and even watch some live procedures. With exhibits all about animals and their habitats around the world. Additionally there is an exhibit of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. 

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station 

  • All Heights
  • Lightning Lane Included With Genie+ 
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair

Participate in a live animation class where you are lead through creating a drawing of a beloved Disney character by a live artist. This is really fun for art lovers and is a great free souvenir. 

Affection Section 

  • All Heights
  • Accessibility: Guests may remain in wheelchair.

This petting zoo area is where you can have a hands on experiences with goats and sheep.  


For more details about dining at Animal Kingdom check out my blog post all about it.

Everything You Need To Know Before Dining at Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant ** Personal Favorite ** 

  • Located in Africa 
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Food Style: African and American served buffet style
  • Character Meal – Safari Donald, Safari Daisy, Safari Goofy, Safari Mickey. 
    • At least 3 of these characters will be present. The characters mingle with the crowd and each will come to your table separately to say hello and grab a photo while you eat. 
  • This is the only character meal in Animal Kingdom and also the only buffet. Tusker House gets my vote for one and the best buffets in all of Disney World. The variety of menu items is vast and includes a lot of items you won’t find elsewhere and is delicious. The decor and safari characters will get you right into the Animal Kingdom spirit. 
  • BEST breakfast spot in Animal Kingdom. 

Harambe Market 

  • Located in Africa
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Food Style: African 
  • Mobile Order Available
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Here you will find savory African inspired fare and a range of options. This is a great way to try some new food and flavors. The environment at Harambe is very immersive you will feel like you are really in an African market. Try the Bibo or Sparberry soft drinks, you can also try their alcoholic counterparts.


  • Harambe Fruit Market – Lots of fruits and Mickey pretzels
  • Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery – Coffee and a lot of grab and go breakfast options. After breakfast lots of savory and sweet snack options are available. 
  • Mahindi – Popcorn and roasted nuts. Check out some souvenir popcorn bucket options. 
  • Tamu Tamu – Find Dole Whip & Simba Sunset here.
  • Zuri’s Sweets – Candy Store, check out the specialty candy apples. Connected internally to Mombasa Marketplace  and Ziwani Traders. 

Bar & Lounges

Dawa Bar:

– Located in Africa

  • Specialty cocktails, beer and wine. 
  • Open air seating. 

Special Ticketed Dinning Events

Circle of Flavors: Harambe At Night

This is a special extra ticketed event hosted on select evening at Animal Kingdom. This must be booked in advance. It is a progressive dining experience through Harambe Village and Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You pay one set price for the entire experience including you food and beverages, alcoholic available. 

Your evening includes:

  • Harambe Train Station:
    • Guidebook
    • Appetizers
    • Speciality Drinks
    • Train Ride to Rafiki’s Planet Watch Train Station
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch Train Station 
    • Light Snacks
    • Specialty Drinks 
    • Meet Timon and Rafiki
    • Virtual Reality Safari Experience 
    • Kids Acvitiivy 
    • Train Back To Harambe
  • Harambe Market
    • Live Music
    • Bread Activity 
    • Dinner
    • Drinks
    • Dessert 

Perfect for a date night or a girls night out. A nice option for families with adult children or teens who are“foodies”.


Drummers – Throughout the day check out the musical stylings of these African styled drummers. 


Mariya’s Souvenirs:

– A kiosk located near Festival of the Lion King.  

– Lots of Lion King merchandise. 

Africa Hub Cart:

– Across from Tamu Tamu 

– General Animal Kingdom merchandise focusing on Africa

Ziwani Traders:
Connected to Mombasa Marketplace this is a large gift shop that offers all sorts of Animal Kingdom and Africa merchandise. Lots of Lion King items. Even some authentic African merchandise. 

Mombasa Marketplace:

Connected to Ziwani Traders this is a large gift shop the offers all sorts of Animal Kingdom and Africa merchandise. Lots of Lion King items. Even some authentic African merchandise.

Kilimonjaro Safaris Cart: 

Bottled beverages and Africa merchandise.

– Located near Kilimonjaro Safaris exit.  

Behind the Scenes Tours:

These are tours that need to be reserved before your visit and that come with an extra cost. These are VIP experiences that give you access and opportunities that typical guests do not get. 

Caring for Giants – Get a closer look a the African elephants, about 100 feet away. This 60 minute experience lets you meet animal specialists who care for the elephant herd. Get a look at their day to day responsibilities and what it is like to care for these animals. Speak with a cultural representative from Africa who will share stories of Disney’s construction efforts in the wild. (Ages 4 and Up)

Up Close with Rhinos – This 60 minute experience lets you get up close with the parks white rhinoceros herd. Your guide will offer insights to the species and their challenges in the wild. (Ages 4 and Up) 

Wild Africa Trek – Offered once in the morning and once in the afternoon this 3 hours experience is part behind the scenes part adventure. See animals up close as you walk along a grassland path, cross a rope bridge and ride in a safari vehicle in the open savanna. Your guide will share knowledge and insights about the animals you see. Your experience also comes with complimentary photos from your adventure. After your trek enjoy some included African inspired snacks (Ages 8 and Up)

Savor the Savanna – Enjoy an evening with a private safari as you journey into the heart of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve into secluded viewing areas. Your guide will tell you tales of the animal residents. While you enjoy the savanna scenery indulge in some African-inspired cuisine included beer and wine options. (Ages 8 and Up)

Pressed Pennies Locations

– Dawa Bar

– Mombasa Marketplace / Ziwani Traders

– Duka La Filimu (Near Harambe Fruit Market) 

– Wilderness Express Train Station

– Conservation Station

Pin Trading

  • Africa Hub Cart


Restrooms – Tusker House 

Restrooms & Companion Restrooms – Mumbasa Marketplace

Africa is full of fun things to do and see and lots of animals. I highly recommend a visit during you next trip to Disney World. 

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