A Complete Guide To Disney World’s Main Street USA

Disney World and the Magic Kingdom are filled with so much detail and so many things to see or do around every corner. For that reason I am breaking down the fun land by land. Here I take a look at Main Street USA, one of the lands in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. 

Main Street USA inspires thoughts of a picturesque yesteryear. Themed to an American Mid-Western town at the turn of the century. The theming wants you to feel comforted, happy and joyful. So grab your straw hat or your parasol and let’s visit Main Street USA. 


Main Street USA is located directly inside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. You walk into the tunnel, under the Main Street Train Station and you enter Main Street USA. It is the first and last land you will visit during your day. Which makes it easy to just breeze through and not take a moment to appreciate what the land has to offer. 


The attractions in Main Street USA are not rides but don’t let this mean you skip them. All to the options here are great for multi-generational families. Those traveling with infants or the elderly, or those with mobility or sensory difficulties. Plus normally no lines!

Main Street Train Station – Take a tour around the Magic Kingdom on an authentic steam train, with stops in Fantasyland and Frontierland you can hop off or stay on for the full tour. A great option for grandparents or little ones who need to take a break and get off their feet and get some shade.

Opening Ceremony – Arrive at least a half hour (remember to allow time to get from your transportation to the gates and for security) before the posted park opening to catch this show on the castle forecourt stage. You will be allowed to roam Main Street until the park opens for the day. The Citizens of Main Street and many of their Disney character friends will welcome you to the park for the day.

Flag Retreat – At 5:00pm daily there is a 15-minute ceremony where the American flag is taken down for the night. This is located at the start of Main Street by the Train Station. Gather in the area to watch the ceremony. Every day a random veteran is chosen to be the guest of honor. 

Main Street Vehicles  – Board a vintage horse-drawn trolley, omnibus, jitney or fire engine and take a one way trip up or down Main Street. 

Citizens of Main Street – The charming characters who roam and populate Main Street can be a lot of fun to interact with. Some like the Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet will even put on a show. 

Main Street Philharmonic – See this 12 piece brass and percussion marching band parade down Main Street throughout the day. They play American classics and a few Disney standards. 

Main Street Trolley Show  – Throughout the day catch this musical show performed by Citizens of Main Street with a vintage Trolley car as the sing and dance in celebration of the Magic Kingdom. 

Cavalcades – These mini-parade are performed throughout the day and feature all sorts of characters. Check times in My Disney Experience app these are a great way to spot a lot of characters at once.

Festival of Fantasy Parade – This is the main parade in Disney World and runs once daily. Though it can be canceled for rain. The parade features many many Disney characters from Mickey, to classic animated movie stars, Princesses, and newer movie characters too. The parade travels from Frontierland and ends at the start of Main Street USA by the barber shop. The most popular place to view the parade is from Main Street. You get views of the castle in the back ground. Now this parade is very popular so if you want a seat up close you will need to steak it out an hour or so early. If you are ok with a farther away view, where you will be able to see the floats but maybe not all the characters on ground level, then you can walk up shortly before the parade starts. Be aware of those around you who may have been waiting a long time. If you want a birds eye view try watching the parade from the balcony on the Main Street Train Station.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire –  This stage show is offered several times throughout the day and it the best way to see the characters it features (from a distance) without waiting in line. Also a good option for kids who many be scared of the characters up close. The viewing crowd is more spread out then for the parades as well. The show features Mickey and his pals interacting with characters from The Princess and the Fog, Frozen, and Tangled. It runs about 20 minutes and is a lot of fun and full of music. 

Enchantment Fireworks Show – The firework show plays at Cinderella Castle on many but not every night so be sure to check the schedule before you go. In addition to fireworks there are projections displayed onto the castle itself. For this reason if you want to really see the whole show you need to be able to see the front of the castle. The best views for this are from Main Street USA and specifically the hub. I suggest scoping out a spot at least a half hour before the fireworks start. If you want a prime spot even sooner. Be warned if you don’t like large crowds this could be a challenge for you. Specifically the exit after the fireworks, it is a very crowded exodus in a sea of people, especially during the busy seasons. If you still want to view from Main Street one option is to plan to stay after the fireworks and head in the opposite direction from the crowd. If you want to do this I suggest viewing from the edge of the Hub. Even if the park hours show the park is closed when the fireworks are over you can still take you time and walk around. You could also take this time to shop on Main Street.  

If you just want to see some fireworks and are not worried about seeing the whole show you will be able to see some of the fireworks from the entire park. You can even view them outside of the park from several of the Magic Kingdom area resorts where they will even pump in the music. My recommendations for this approach being the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort, or on the beach at the Polynesian. Those with kids, or who don’t want to spend on dinner at California Grill I suggest the Polynesian beach.

The Hub – The circular area of pathways and grass patches in front of the castle. While a busy day at the parks can take you walking right past this area without a second look. Or you may only spend time here while you wait for fireworks. If you have a moment take the time to grab a drink or a snack and pull up some hub grass, sit down and take in the surroundings.

Partners Statue –  Located in the middle of the hub this is my favorite photo spot in the parks. I always have to take a photo here when I visit Magic Kingdom. The statue features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, the mouse and the man that started it all. You will also find this statute at Disneyland, The Walt Disney Studios, Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris. Don’t miss the smaller statues surrounding the partners statue each of these are adorable. 


Tony’s Town Square Restaurant:

– Table Service 

– Reservations Accepted and Suggested 

– Lunch & Dinner

– Food Style: Italian & American 

  • Themed beautifully to turn of the century America with touches from Lady and the Tramp where the restaurant gets it’s name. The food here is mostly classic pasta and pizza’s. Don’t expect anything fancy from the food here as it is very basic. You can also enjoy an alcoholic beverage with your meal. This can be great for families with picky kids who want table service at a lower price point than your buffets and all you can eat family style options. Those looking for more I would recommend skipping Tony’s.

The Plaza Restaurant: 

– Table Service 

– Reservations Accepted and Suggested

– Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

– Food Style: American

  • Themed to turn of the century America this restaurant is small in Disney World terms so it can make for a nice change from the busy crowds all day in the parks and a more intimate dining experience. There are also some great views of the Castle and the Hub if you are seated near a window. Notable that this location serves breakfast. The food is American fare of sandwiches and burgers and salads that will please all. You can also enjoy an alcoholic beverage with your meal. Save room for their great desserts, mostly ice cream based as they are connected to the Ice Cream Parlor. 

The Crystal Palace:

– Table Service 

– Reservations Accepted and Suggested

– Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

– Food Style: American Buffet 

– Characters : Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, Eeyore and Pigle

  • This turn of the century greenhouse style restaurant features a classic American buffet. The only buffet option in Magic Kingdom. Also the only character meal featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends at Disney World. A great choice if your children are Pooh fans or if you want an all you care to enjoy buffet. Some lovely views of the Castle and the Hub can be found if you are seated by the windows. Alcohol is available at an additional cost.

Casey’s Corner:

– Quick Service 

–  Lunch & Dinner

  • Food Style: American
  • Mobile Order Available 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Seating

– Looking for the perfect theme park hot dog then Casey’s is your best bet. This location is also typically open later than many other theme park dining locations. This is a great late night snack option while you wait for fireworks or before you head back to your hotel. 


Main Street Bakery – Each of the theme parks has a Starbucks and this is Magic Kingdoms. 

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor A beautiful and classic ice cream parol, with non-dairy options. Don’t forget to add Mickey ears to your cone.

Dining Packages 

How They Work: You book a dining package reservation. For a set price you enjoy your meal at the restaurant you have chosen then you received a voucher for your show experience later in the day. At the show you will skip the normal line and get priority guaranteed seating.  Note: Don’t confuse a dinging package with the Disney Dining Plan.

Magic Kingdom only has one dining package. 

Festival of Fantasy Parade Dining Package:

  • Restaurant: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
    • You will receive VIP viewing for the Festival of Fantasy Parade 


  • Tinker Bell at Town Square Theatre
  • Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theatre


Curtain Call Collectables – Located at the Town Square Theatre, you will find lots of general Disney merchandise here. You will exit from meeting Mickey through this shop. 

Box Office Gifts – Located at the Town Square Theatre. Find magic bands, photo gifts, and PhotoPass assistance. 

The Chapeau – Located between Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and the Main Street Confectionery. This is you go to stop for hats, and ears. Get your Mickey ear’s personalized here. 

Main Street Confectionary – The perfect stop for your sweet tooth with tons of candy and treats to be found. Plus kitchen and houseware items. The first shop on the right as you enter the street area of Main Street.

The Emporium – The first shop on the left as you enter the street area of Main Street. The emporium is the largest shop in Magic Kingdom and has everything you need. With items of all kinds to buy. If you are just making one shopping stop this is the place to go. One of the best stores in the park for pin shopping. Also a fun place to end the day but watch out it will be crowded. 

Disney Clothiers – Located right down the street from The Emporium and connected internally you will find all the apparel and accessories you need here. 

Uptown Jewelers – Located down the street from the Confectionary this is where you would go to dine jewelry, art and collectibles. 

Crystal Arts – Located down the street from Uptown Jewelers this 

Pin Trading

Guest Services Pin Book – Stop by guest services and ask a cast member to see the pin book so that you can do some pin trading. 

Stroller Rental – Stop by stroller rental under the Main Street Train station to check out their pin trading board. 

Pressed Pennies Locations

– Main Street Railroad Station

– Main Street Firehouse

– News Stand

– Tony’s Town Square Restaurant 

– Main Street Confectionary

– Curtain Call Collectibles 

– Emporium

– The Hall of Champions

– Disney Clothiers 


Companion Restrooms – City Hall

Restrooms & Companion Restrooms – Caseys Corner (Behind Casey’s Corner)

****** Check out the windows are walk down Main Street and see if you recognize any names, don’t forget to look up. Outstanding Imaginers are honored with their names on Main Street windows. Also check out the window displays they change seasonally and are beautiful. *****

Other Convinces 

Harmony Barber Shop – Children and adults can both get haircuts here. Advanced reservations are recommended. You can even get a special package for a child’s first haircut. 

Stroller Rentals – In the entrance tunnels under-neath the train station. 

Package Pick-Up – Located in the Main Street Chamber of Commerce right next to the entrance / exit tunnel on the left (as you face the castle). You can send purchases you made throughout the day here and pick them up as you exit the park. 

City Hall – Your got to for any issues or needs you may have. 

– Celebration Buttons

– Lost & Found

– Translation Services

– Disability Services

– Guest Relations 

VIP Tour Services – Located in the Town Square Theater.

Baby Care Center – Located between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace. The baby care center offers a lot of amenities for families with infants

  • Changing room with tables and a women’s restroom
  • Private nursing room with rocking chairs 
  • Feeding area with highchairs 
  • Kitchen with microwave and sink
  • Main room with television, table and seating
  • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and clothing for purchase

* Something to note in the event of a lost child, the child will be taken to the baby care center where they will be cared for while the parents are located. * 

As you can see Main Street USA is packed experiences, shopping and dining opportunities.  Don’t overlook this area of the park and all the fun that can be had here. 

If you are looking to travel to Disney World I would love to be your travel agent. Get expert advice in planning your vacation and a personalized experience at no additional cost to you. 

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  1. Been to Disney three times.

    The best Disney experience was in 2016. I went to Spring Break with my university for the leadership program. Literally, the entire experience is just two classes, and the rest is spending time at Disney.


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